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Microsoft Azure Training Helps Fill Cloud Skills Gap

Posted by Tyler Whisnant on Feb 13, 2017 11:48:17 AM

If your business isn’t using a cloud computing platform yet, chances are you will be soon. 2017 is set to bring cloud adoption to an all-time high among businesses and consumers and cloud platforms like Microsoft’s Azure are enabling businesses to “go digital” at an astonishing rate.

With this massive adoption of the public cloud, people from all industries face the challenge of preparing themselves with the proper skills and know-how to manage projects and run businesses more effectively within cloud platforms like Azure. In fact, 2016 seems to have highlighted a skills deficiency in this area, with many companies realizing the benefits of switching to the cloud, but not having the right personnel in place to implement new systems.

According to one 2016 report, proficiency in Azure is the most difficult Microsoft-based skillset to source among IT professionals and many Microsoft partners cited shortages of proper skills and maximizing use of talent as two of their biggest challenges. This puts businesses in a tough situation for cloud deployment but presents an incredible opportunity for IT pros seeking to build their personal value.

As cloud adoption continues to grow, so will the demand for cloud skills and properly-trained professionals will capitalize on this demand. Specifically, experts in migrating from on-premise computing to cloud solutions will be in high demand as businesses seek to make the transition to Azure and other cloud platforms. An article from CloudTech suggests that security, database management, programming knowledge and Linux expertise are all additional cloud skills that businesses find themselves needing.

Professionals who have mastered these skills and are ready to help their companies transition to the cloud are critical to ensuring industry growth. But what if you’re not among the small group of currently knowledgeable cloud pros? Fortunately, getting the right education is easier than you think.

To address this skills gap in the industry, we have launched a simple 3-step training program to help you gain these skills. From free online classes to expert level MCSE: Cloud Platform certification training, we offer a range of options that provide you with a deeper level of understanding and confidence. Whether you’re a developer, IT manager or other technical professional, the investment made in educating yourself is sure to be minimal when compared to the potential for growth and career benefits made possible by developing a highly in-demand new skillset.

Unfortunately, the current skills gap in the cloud space is a reality that many businesses have to face and fight their way through, but with a wealth of educational resources available, a new wave of skilled IT professionals is on the way. Will you be among them?

Topics: Cloud Computing, Microsoft

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