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Improving Visibility: The Key to Putting Cybercrimals out of Business

Posted by Kori Needham on Mar 7, 2017 3:06:51 PM
Kori Needham

The growth of cloud computing is not news to the fast-moving businesses of 2017. Most firms, from service providers and large enterprises down to small businesses have already adopted cloud technology into their operation, and by 2020, full adoption of the cloud is expected to reach 78% of small businesses.

As these cloud deployments grow, networks become increasingly complex. A mix of data stored both on-premise and in the cloud creates new challenges for businesses as they expand these dynamic networks. Principal among these challenges is security. Keeping the ever-growing threat of cybercrime from crippling operations and endangering both businesses and customers is paramount, and many firms that may not have been fully prepared for the cloud revolution risk being left with holes in their security posture.

To prevent these vulnerabilities from inevitably emerging, key IT decision-makers must take steps to increase the visibility they have over their networks. Visibility is a growing trend in 2017, and it’s an obvious answer to the many security threats we all are currently facing. By visibility, we mean a complete, single-view command of your entire network, including both on-premise and cloud operations.

As cybercriminals become more savvy and dangerous, firewalls alone -- or even best-of-breed security tools -- are no longer an effective method of controlling security. After a network breach, you may be able to identify the hole and close it, but the hackers may still be inside your networks, leaving you vulnerable to further exfiltration of data. This is where high-visibility security comes in.

With solutions that provide a view of all traffic across your entire network, you can accurately determine where any breaches may have occurred, where the hackers went after they broke in and if they’re still active in your network. Think of it like a security system for your house. If someone breaks in, sure your alarm will sound. But without a full view of every room in your house, how can you know whether the intruder has left? How can you find the intruder quickly and prevent any further damage? Gaining visibility over your networks is like having cameras in every room in your house. You’ll have a much better security posture and you’ll be empowered to prevent serious attacks before they happen.

One leading vendor providing businesses with this power is Gigamon who approaches network visibility with a hardware and software-based solution called the called the Gigamon® Visibility™ Fabric. By adding “visibility nodes” to your network and providing your team with the corresponding security software, Gigamon empowers cloud and IoT-enabled businesses by providing the high-visibility security suite of the future.

Still not sure how all this works or if it is necessary for your business? You’re not alone. As technology advances at a rapid rate, business owners and IT pros can be left with a gap of skills and knowledge preventing them from adequately securing their operations. Fortunately, learning the skills to implement this new security is relatively easy and resources abound. Get yourself up to speed with these courses that will teach you how to implement the Gigamon Visibility Fabric or improve your foundational knowledge of cybersecurity with some additional multi-vendor training.

Don’t leave your business or your customers at risk. Secure your networks with high visibility solutions and get ahead of the hackers before it’s too late.

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