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IoT by any Other Name Would be a Good Thing

Posted by David Mantica on Apr 27, 2017 2:35:07 PM

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Some people see it as the latest technology buzz word, like Cloud. Others see it as all-encompassing and relate any new technology initiative to IoT. The truth like most anything is usually in the middle of two extremes.
The simplest way to think about IoT is to break it down into two basic components; technical and business outcomes. On the technical side, IoT is about enabling most any device to grab data, store data, transmit data and use data. The example most of us have heard is a “smart” appliance, the refrigerator which can analyze items it stores and provide feedback on what needs to be replenished. It may also be able to automate the order of necessary supplies. On the business outcome side it ties back to data driven decision making. Organizations want data, and they want a lot of it. They want a way to analyze itand ultimately they want to develop a competitive advantage around data analysis and decision outcomes from data.
When you look at IoT from this prospective you can see the problem. It impacts all levels of an organization both IT and business. It connects the entire IT ecosystem from physical layer up to applications. It requires major change in businesses operations and decision-making. The problem is you don’t have to throw out the baby in the bathwater. IoT can work within many existing IT systems with updates and additions and it can work within business structures and organizations, you just need the skills. That is why more and more people look at IoT and think Digital Transformation over the Internet of Things and this is a good thing. It isn’t about putting in new boxes and flipping a switch , but it is about transformation in skills, mindset and business actions to be successful.
To help present this mindset change and discuss the far reaching impacts of Digital Transformation, Fast Lane is offering a web seminar on May 23rd at 1PM EST. The seminar is free and provides a business outcomes prospective on IoT and Digital Transformation. To learn more click here.

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