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Security Challenges (And Solutions) for Modern Data Centers

Posted by Kori Needham on Jun 28, 2017 4:09:05 PM
Kori Needham

Security Challenges (And Solutions) for Modern Data Centers

It is 2017. Cloud computing is growing exponentially. The internet of things is changing lives. Mobile technology is advancing every day. As a result, the challenges and threats faced by modern data centers have never been greater. As the world learns to leverage new levels of connectivity, and data growth continues to advance at an astounding pace, data centers will have an increasingly important role to play. However, for owners and key decision makers at these DCs, it’s not going to come easy.

Sure, cloud usage has grown to staggering heights over the past few years, with one survey of IT pros showing as many as 95% of respondents having adopted the cloud (either private or public), but that news is not as great as it initially appears if you are responsible for keeping all that data secure.

With the growing number of people, needing access to the cloud comes a growing need for advanced security. Today’s cloud user is likely using more than one cloud on more than one device from more than one location, and he/she is probably sharing data with a number of different teams all using the cloud in different ways. This is a seriously tricky level of sophistication, and it presents many different potential points of attack and infiltration, with data breaches becoming possible from several different devices or locations.

If the cloud cannot provide assurances that data will be safe from hackers or sudden disasters, then all of this comes crashing down, and innovation will grind to a halt. The truth of the matter is that businesses at the enterprise and small/medium level alike cannot afford to take risks with their data. As a result, any DC that cannot (or will not) provide a comprehensive and adaptive level of security is going to be left behind. And fast.

This certainly sounds daunting at first, but with the right tools and solutions in place, DC administrators have learned to effectively keep data safe.

The first step to securing all this data is to achieve a complete level of visibility. If a security solution cannot see every server, every gateway, every potential access point to the network, and every subtending user device, then holes can be left open, and hackers will exploit them. Fortunately, solutions like the Visibility FabricTM provided by Gigamon can help DCs gain a full view over all the data they control, and with this full view comes the capability to prevent breaches before they occur, as well as track and mitigate them immediately when they ever do.

The next step is to employ best-of-breed multi-vendor security tools such as those provided by Cisco, Microsoft, Barracuda, etc. Security is no longer a job that can be done with one quick and easy solution. It takes a village to secure a data center, and that brings us to our last point.

The final step in the equation is to have the right personnel on the job. Well-trained and educated teams can attack security issues head-on and take the proactive steps necessary to hopefully prevent breaches and hacks. Unfortunately, having the right personnel is not always easy. Software, threats, and best practices are all subject to change overnight, and good IT professional needs to be ready to respond at a moment’s notice… or better yet deploy an adaptive security solution that responds automatically. This makes multi-vendor training and education essential to the process. The cyber security training and enablement services offered by Fast Lane are designed to address the challenge of keeping IT personnel up to date, and thereby enable them to stay a few steps ahead of the bad guys.

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