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Score a Goal with Collab Edge

Posted by Kori Needham on Jul 21, 2017 10:23:52 AM
Kori Needham

Soccer… better known as football, outside of the US is my favorite sport. I’ve played soccer since I was a child growing up in Jamaica and Trinidad and as an adult in Florida and North Carolina.  I’ve also coached U8-U11 teams. And no matter what my role as player or coach, like most folks my focus tended to drift toward what was happening in mid-field or more often what the strikers were doing…those guys get all the glory right.  GOOOAAALLLL!!!!  Who really pays attention to “Sweeper”. Well in reality, other than the goalie, the Sweeper is probably the most critical position on the field because he is the last line of defense, for the field general. He cleans up everyone else’s messes and rarely gets recognized for all the hard work he does down in the trenches. Without a Sweeper, things would fall apart for even an All Star team with both Messi and Ronaldo upfront. The Sweeper is the non-descript black box that nobody thinks about, but is essential to make everything work.

Anyway, let’s translate that soccer anecdote to Cisco Collaboration which I’m also a fan of.  Everyone loves using all the cool B2B Cisco Collaboration solutions and features…Spark Hybrid, Telepresence, Jabber, URI-Based Dial Plan, etc. Well, guess what’s in the black box to make all those services work seamlessly and securely? Cisco Expressway!

Expressway is simple if you configure a single service. Just like being the Sweeper in a friendly pickup soccer game is no big deal…when all else fails, just kick the ball out of bounds and live to fight another day. Expressway is simple if you configure a single service: MRA or B2B or Cloud for example, but becomes more complex if you configure multiple services…you know the ones needed to support the aforementioned use cases that make our work-lives so much easier. Well if you are responsible for the proverbial Collab Expressway “black box” and need to understand the latest and greatest about deploying, configuring, and troubleshooting IM&P, Collaboration Edge and Security then check out this hot new course from Fast Lane Consulting:


If you’re interested in finding out more information about CSR11.6U or related Collab training, just reach out to Collab@fastlaneus.com.

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