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Data Center as a Life Changer

Posted by Mike Walsh on Aug 3, 2017 8:56:08 AM
Mike Walsh

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Cisco Live.  Great show – and I mean besides seeing Bruno Mars in concert, and Brian Cranston as the closing keynote!  It really was a wonderful show, and well worth the trip out to Las Vegas.

As a long time technical professional I was absolutely amazed at the acceleration of technology into critical portions of everyday life - from the fog safety use case in Tennessee to sheep farmers in New Zealand.

The current buzz phrase Internet of Things in a lot of ways doesn’t even capture the importance, it sounds too technical, the domain of the us computer whiz kids.  Coming home from Cisco Live I told my young teenage sons that what I saw was pervasive LIFE CHANGE through technology to a degree that left me astounded.

While the infrastructure is every bit as important as ever, we are seeing a similar transformation in networking careers.  What was one day a sometimes monotonous day of configuring switch ports, routing protocols and similar “plumbing” configuration has been transformed through intelligent automation into a much higher level and exciting career managing the big picture aspects of data center: security, efficiency, policy, ease of use, customer application, scalability and responsiveness.

Just like that sheep farmer in New Zealand has a learning curve ahead of him, we as technical professionals all have a similar learning curve once again as our industry evolves.  But, what an exciting time to be part of our industry.  I came across this info-graphic from Cisco, and hope you find it as inspiring as I did.  Get ready for an incredible ride!”


. Take a look at Ciscos all-new infographic, updated for 2017: Data_Center_Professionals_Infographic

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