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Advanced Security for the Next Generation of R&D

Posted by Kori Needham on Aug 11, 2017 8:44:52 AM
Kori Needham

With each new cyberattack we see in the news, each new release by WikiLeaks, and each new report of governments and MNCs being attacked and infiltrated online, it becomes increasingly clear that the many devices and networks we rely on every day are not safe. Nevertheless, line of business leaders, government officials, and millions of consumers around the world must rely on these networks to get their jobs done. And in 2017, they must get their jobs done faster than ever.

In this complex global marketplace, where businesses take new ideas to market at breakneck speeds, line of business leaders must ensure that their IT staff can detect incoming threats before they occur, mitigate threats during an event, and secure any potential vulnerabilities as soon as they’re detected. The next generation of R&D depends on it.

Let’s consider for a moment a hypothetical example: A researcher has just developed a plan for a new irrigation technology that could change the future of farming. This researcher now needs to collaborate with a large team from across the globe to bring his concept to life. But there’s a problem. His collaboration technology has been infiltrated, and the prototype he just shared on his last conference call has been stolen by hackers. Now his intellectual property is at risk, and he and his colleagues could stand to lose millions of dollars.

Seems eerily real, right? That’s probably because you’ve been in a similar situation before. Maybe not with a new invention or with millions of dollars of intellectual property, but what about financial data for your business that has been entered online? What about other business plans you’ve developed and shared with colleagues through your network? These situations happen by the millions every single day, and without the right security in place, businesses are putting themselves at a whole new level of risk.

This makes securing networks and devices more critical than ever for the next generation of R&D.

So what is the solution to all this? Multi-faceted security architecture and solutions. Basic firewalls and security software just won’t cut it. Enterprises need to invest in deployment of next-gen firewalls, identity management systems, network and application visibility tools, web app firewalls and more.

Firewalls like those engineered by Barracuda offer security that is specifically designed to withstand the new threats we face in the age of cloud computing. Add that to visibility fabric offered by Gigamon and now you’ve made significant strides toward securing your network. Cisco also offers a vast suite of security solutions to help you lock down your networks, switches, and communications technology. As quickly as hackers have begun to creep into our lives, security developers have iterated their products to fight back. Now, line of business leaders need to take advantage of these technologies and implement them quickly to stay ahead.

If you’re thinking, “where do I even begin?” you may not be as lost as you think. There is an abundance of resources like the ones we offer here at Fast Lane to teach you and your team how to manage each of these security platforms. Whether you’re learning the very basics of cyber security, or you’re ready to jump into more advanced training with security platforms like Gigamon, Barracuda, and Cisco, these classes can get you on the road to mastering new skills and getting your business secure.

The key, though, is to take action as soon as you can. Now is not the time to sit back and wait. Now is the time to get ahead of the hackers before they get ahead of you.

Topics: Cisco, Cyber Security, Gigamon

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