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Keeping Online Collaboration Secure

Posted by Kori Needham on Aug 17, 2017 8:12:47 AM
Kori Needham

In today’s fast-paced global economy, online collaboration has soared to new heights, and it will only keep advancing with the passage of time. Remote and mobile working is more popular and more possible than ever, meaning employees no longer need to be tethered to corporate office desks next to their teams to get work done. This has given rise to a diverse mix of online collaboration tools, and while these tools have revolutionized the way we do business in 2017, they are not without their challenges.
One of the biggest of these challenges is keeping collaboration secure. If users can’t trust that the video, voice, and data packets they send over collaboration platforms are safe, then the whole process comes to a screeching halt. So what are some of the biggest players in the collaboration space doing to combat this problem? Let’s take a look.


Cisco has one of the most powerful suites of collaboration technology available today, and they reinforce it with the right security posture to protect their users. They offer a wide range of services including: email security and encryption; access control; next generation firewalls; integrated router security; network visibility and enforcement; VPN and endpoint security clients; Collab Edge; and a lot more. Whether you’re trying to keep bad guys out, restrict access to certain individuals, or just keep communications private, Cisco offers plenty of firepower to secure their collaboration offerings.
You can check out Cisco’s full security offering here, or get started with Cisco Collaboration Security training here.

Gigamon’s security offering is centered around their unique platform that helps organizations gain full visibility and control over their networks. The platform is called the Visibility Fabric, and it promises to help businesses find the gaps in their network visibility and fill in those gaps with the proper security coverage. With the right visibility in place, security practices like access control, threat assessment, and ongoing monitoring become a much less daunting challenge.
Check out Gigamon’s own breakdown of their Visibility Fabric here, or review some classes that can help you become a Gigamon pro here.

Security specialist Barracuda offers a variety of security services that businesses can put in place to tighten up the posture of their current collaboration infrastructure. They offer next-gen firewalls, encryption and access control for VPN and remote computing, web security, email security, and data protection. As businesses look to take cloud computing and remote collaboration to the next level, Barracuda has emerged as a leader in the security space with their services.
Learn more about Barracuda security here, or master Barracuda skills here.

The common theme among all these providers is that basic-level security and information sharing is just not going to cut it anymore in 2017 and beyond. Gone are the days when sending key business information on a USB drive or a free Dropbox account was considered secure. Now businesses need to invest in the security of their collaboration infrastructure or risk serious attacks from hackers and other bad actors.
If you think you’re behind on implementation of this kind of security, be sure to do your homework on the providers mentioned above and check out our ongoing FREE webinar series covering these topics too. Then start making decisive moves immediately to improve the security posture of your business.

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