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VMworld... What we learned.

Posted by Fast Lane on Sep 25, 2017 9:07:47 AM

Another great VMworld is in the books, leaving us with plenty of intriguing new product announcements!

As a training partner it was, again, a special bonus to attend a town hall meeting with Pat Gelsinger for the partners and our trainers. It’s always wonderful to see a CEO that so strongly recognizes the power of training to accelerate product adoption and ROI.

So, where to start?

First, where we once saw a flat out, winner-take-all competition between VMware, AWS and the like, we now see growing interest in partnership - which can only benefit the customer in the end.  In this vein, the VMware on AWS announcement was well received.  No longer will those invested in product and training for VMware lose the benefit when utilizing the obvious power of AWS cloud.

Second, the partnership with Pivotal Container Service (PKS) is a critical one. Customers increasingly see benefit in a more all-encompassing strategy regarding VMs vs. containers. The thought is that there is no need to make a choice if both options are available. VMware’s approach clearly has smooth operation as a key focus as it’s the day to day operations that get especially challenging.

Third, the power of NSX network virtualization, particularly in the security area, has been clear for some time.  The announcement of NSX-T 2.0 means that this power can now be brought to other non-vSphere platforms, including the public cloud.

Further news like Workspace ONE integration of Airwatch and VMware Horizon, and the security product AppDefense were just additional, exiting bonuses.

Clearly VMware remains nimble and attuned to the changes in the IT environment, and is adapting quickly to make sure their customers continue to benefit! Fast Lane is both excited and proud to offer training for not only an extensive selection of Vmware courses, but also AWS, Pivotal and many more vendors.

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