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Cisco Certification Updates

Posted by Michelle Lewis on Jul 4, 2019 10:00:00 AM
Michelle Lewis

As you have probably heard by now, Cisco is changing up their certifications and will go live on February 24, 2020. And I’d have to say, I honestly like it! Let me tell you why you should as well.

Cisco is acknowledging developers as an integral part of how networks operate today. Applications and automation are key to scaling and securing your network infrastructure. Cisco’s DevNet certifications are a great way for you and your software developers to show off your skills and prove that you know your stuff!

Currently, you can obtain your Associate, Specialist and Professional level certifications. Check out how you can earn your certification below!

  • Associate Level: Only one exam
  • Specialist Level: One exam needed in a concentrated area such as: enterprise automation, collaboration automation, data center automation, security automation, DevOps automation and IoT. (P.S. You can even take as many exams as you’d like and earn more Specialist badges!)
  • Professional Level: Two exams are needed - One core exam along with any one of the available concentration exams!

Now for the Cisco technology tracks, this gets really exciting. The new CCNA will be one exam…you heard me correctly, just one exam! No longer will Cisco have a CCNA for all the different technologies, but have now streamlined the Associate level exam down to one exam. It will cover the network fundamentals, IP connectivity and services, security, automation and programmability.

For CCNP level certifications, you will have five different technologies to choose from. This is where you will then take the core level exam and one concentrated exam of your choosing. Yes, once again you heard me correctly, just two exams – that’s it. Now you can even take as many concentrated exam as you’d like to show off your knowledge and skills to earn more badges. Plus, you can take the concentrated exam first and then take the core exam- it’s your choice!

Also, each technology area has a concentrated exam that links to the DevNet track. This option allows you to cross over and earn your specialization in DevNet while still earning your CCNP after passing the core level exam. Then, if you also pass the core DevNet exam, you will have also earned your Professional level DevNet certification. Make sense? 

Another great move that Cisco has made is for the CCIE level certification. Your CCNP level core exam covers the written portion of the exam, but you will still need to accomplish the eight-hour lab portion. Plus, the certification will now be good for three years!

One important factor, if you are in the process of obtaining any Cisco certification – keep going! Any earned certification(s) will be valid for the three years and upon recertification time, you can choose which track and concentration fits your wants and needs.

The move Cisco is making on their certification track is right in line with current trends we are seeing. For more information on the Cisco certification, check out Cisco’s page. If you are looking for more information on Cisco Training, just check out our website!

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