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A Cyber Monday saga to rule the galaxy

Posted by Fast Lane on Nov 12, 2019 11:09:58 AM

Hi all, Lee Phillips here! I serve as the Marketing Manager for Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services. If there are two things I love, its bringing a creative touch to Fast Lane’s promotions and Star Wars! I am a huge Star Wars nerd and am proud of it! So when it came to our 2019 Cyber Monday promotion (which gives students up to $1000 and a limited edition Star Wars tee), I wanted to present everyone with the complete collection of all of the reasons why we are so excited to bring such a cool deal your way.

So sit back, relax and allow me to binge on multiple references from the greatest movie franchise ever established (PLUS, gain access to early access our Cyber Monday promotion)!

Episode IV: You’re our only hope

Only Hope

It’s time for you to do your best Obi-Wan impression, because YOU are our only hope! We love giving back to our students. Without all of you, we would not exist!

Episode V: Do ... or do not. There is no try.

Do or Do Not

When it comes to IT training, there is no substitute for the kind of quality that Fast Lane places on our facilities, Instructors, materials and the overall experience. We adopt Yoda’s famous moniker of “Do. Or do not. There is no try,” when it comes to the expectations we put on ourselves to provide the highest quality training we possibly can.

Episode VI: A lightning promo


Ok… one of my favorite scenes in the original trilogy was watching this duel between Luke/Darth Vader/The Emperor. To that point we had seen lightsabers and blasters, but never the power of the lightning hands! Who knew that was even an option! Well, as quickly as Darth Vader turns on the Emperor is how quickly this deal is going to be gone. A lightning deal like this can only hang around for so long before it has to be retired – so seize the opportunity while you still can!

Episode I: A double-sided good deal

darth maul

Redeeming training days for cash is good. Being able to redeem training units with this promotion is even better. It’s just like when you see Darth Maul unveil his double lightsaber for the first time. A good thing ... becomes great! Whether you are using up those training units before they expire, or just seeking the best training in the galaxy, this deal works for you. Much like the phantom menace himself, you can use either side of this promo to your advantage!

Episode II: It’s “cloned”… but better!

clone army no gif

Jango Fett would be proud of the cloning process we’ve performed on this promotion, because not only did we duplicate it, we made it better! We know our students loved cashing in on Cyber Monday deals in the past – it is always our most popular promotion – so we expanded it to apply to all vendors, even our newest additions, like ThoughtSpot, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services!

Episode III: A deal hotter than Mustafar


Remember that lightsaber duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan on the lava planet of Mustafar? Well this Cyber Monday promo will put that heat to shame! Along with hundreds of dollars, Fast Lane is giving out our limited-edition, custom Star Wars “May the Course be with You” tee shirts to each and every person that registers for this promo!

Episode VII: I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy.


Ok, I was going to make a pun about this promotion being a “Rey” of sunshine or that we weren’t just blowing “Snoke,” but I love this line from Rey when she sees the landscape of Takodana for the first time. She grew up on a desert planet her entire life and never knew that such an ecosystem existed. Well, I’d like to think that anyone who takes advantage of this Cyber Monday deal will say this exact line once they redeem their prize! We are giving out up to $1000 per student depending on if you are using training credits and how many days of training you take. That’s a lot of green!

Episode VIII: Light. Darkness. A balance.

rey gasp

Once Luke finally speaks in the newest iteration of the Star Wars saga, he begins helping Rey realize the enormous potential she has in harnessing the Force. The key to peace in the Jedi world is to find that balance between the light and the darkness. The key to this promotion’s awesomeness is the balanced collection of prizes that you are going to receive. I like to think that the money discussed in the previous paragraph represents the light. And the dark? That would be the limited edition Star Wars “May the Course be with You” tee (because it’s black … get it?) that you’ll be receiving as well!

Episode IX: No one is ever really gone.

luke brush

I could not be more excited to see the final installment of the newest sequels – The Rise of Skywalker! Since this hasn’t come out yet, it was a bit difficult to capture the essence of what to base my final point around. But the general theme seen in the trailers is that “No one is ever really gone.” Are they referring to Luke? Han Solo? Palpatine? Jar-Jar Binks? Who knows! But, just like those aforementioned characters (minus Jar-Jar), our promotions will always live on even after they’re gone. Stay focused on 2020, because you have until April 3, 2020 to complete your class(es) in order for this promotion to take effect.

That’s all from me!

solo sign off

May the Course be with You!

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