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Digit's Diary, June 19

Posted by Fast Lane on Jun 20, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Wow… Where to begin?

Everyone in our office braced me for just how much fun Cisco Live! was, but I was blown away at just how much there was to do!

Let’s break down the highlights:

Pre-Show: Flying into Orlando from our home office here in Raleigh, North Carolina was not fun. TSA had to find a crate big enough to hold me and I didn’t even get any peanuts in the cargo hold! However, when I stepped off the plane with the rest of my Fast Lane friends and felt that Florida sunshine, I knew it was going to be a good week. I helped our Marketing team of Lee and Kelli set up our video game-themed booth, complete with a Super Mario backdrop (although I’ve always been partial to Donkey Kong myself). After the hard work, it was time for dinner! The highlight of the night was the sweet fried bananas at Texas de Brazil!

The Show: I’ll be a monkey’s uncle - this was it. My big week. I was so excited to meet all of the Cisco Live! attendees at our Fast Lane booth and BOY did you guys deliver! I was busy all day taking pictures, posing, high-fiving and even playing some video games at the booth! I want to give a special shoutout to the guys that brought me a pair of socks with monkeys all over them from the EATON booth… How cool!!! The Networking Reception was a sight to behold as well – all of those stations of food and drinks! Cisco really takes care of their conference attendees, don’t they? Days 2 and 3 were more of the same except that I got to swing from booth to booth collecting swag (lightsabers, fidget spinners and Frisbees were my favorite). Meeting more of you guys on the show floor and seeing the warm reception I got was truly remarkable. Some of you give some pretty good hugs! I also enjoyed sitting in on a few presentations on Cisco Software-Defined Access and Open DNS. The things that Cisco and its partners are doing are unthinkable to a simple simian like me!

The best treat was walking all around Universal Studios with my friends! We went on several rides like The Mummy, The Simpsons and Harry Potters Escape from Gringotts. I used my tail to cover up my eyes on a few of them but my colleagues certainly helped me out! I got to try a Butterbeer with our Cisco Product Manager Michelle in Diagon Alley and enjoy an authentic Krusty Burger in Moe’s Tavern with a few of our Business Development team members Kori, Marty and Barry! What a great time – Thank You Cisco!

Post-Show: After all of the presentations were finished, all of the swag collected and all of the high-fives given out, I went back to our Fast Lane booth to collapse because I was so tired from all of the fun and learning. As exhausted as my hands were after four days filled with nonstop action, I knew it was worth it in the long run as I was leaving with new friends, new knowledge and a new appreciation for everything that goes into an event like Cisco Live!


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