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Microsoft Role-Based Training Updates

Posted by Fast Lane on Apr 27, 2020 1:24:00 PM

Mike Walsh, Director of Product Line Management, here at Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services here. I’ve been in the technical training business as a product manager for almost 20 years now, and until about 2 years ago I’d never worked on Microsoft.  My timing was good, because about 15 months ago, Microsoft decided to take a big jump and move to role-based training. 

To me, this was a revelation, and what I’d always thought would be ideal. I mean let’s face it, all of our jobs are tough enough, we really don’t have time to learn more than what we need.  And role-based training addressed that by giving us ONLY the training we need for our role. 

As well, with limited training budgets we might only be able to take one training class a year.  With the old-style product-oriented training approach, we might learn a lot about that one product (and most likely far more than what our job required).  But how many IT folks only have to support one software package or tool?

Recently Microsoft finished releasing the rest of their key course and exam framework for their Modern Workplace products: Office 365, Windows 10 and Dynamics.  It’s a great chance to look back on what this has meant to the IT worker – and I see it in our students’ positive feedback.  And if you are thinking about brushing up on your Modern Workplace skills, there’s never been a better time. Learn more at here or check out our promotions at here

Azure Role-Based Training

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