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RECAP: Securing your Network with Encrypted Traffic Analytics

Posted by Alyssa Hanzl on Jul 11, 2019 10:00:00 AM
Alyssa Hanzl

In case you missed it, this free Fast Lane webinar was presented on May 14, 2019 by Armik Kocharians. Encryption is an effective means of protecting data transmissions inbound, outbound and within a network. More and more applications are using encryption as a de facto standard and recent trends indicate that more than 70% of all traffic on networks are encrypted. Over the past few years malicious content, such as malware for example, have been transmitted in encrypted form - both from outside and within networks.

How do you know if the encrypted packets on your network contain malicious content, without having to decrypt? Cisco Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) is a solution that allows you detect malicious content without decryption using a simple method that has a 99.9% efficacy rate.


The Problem:

More than eighty percent of internet traffic is encrypted. This number has been continuously increasing. In 2015, only twenty percent of internet traffic was encrypted whereas in 2017 nearly sixty percent of internet traffic was encrypted. Nearly half of malicious attackers use encryption to gain access to a system. Over eighty percent of organization have been victims of a cyber-attack.

The Research:

On average, it takes two hundred days to detect a breach on security has been made. Once the breech is recognized, it takes nearly sixty days to contain the breach while costing 3.8 million dollars per breach on average.

Visibility is key to ensure all data is safe. Patterns allow people to detect issues within the network. When looking at patterns, you can easily detect malicious content based on the interruption of “normal” patterns. If one does not recognize the interruption, they will not understand when something is wrong. If one notices the interruption, the problem is recognized faster and therefore, can be controlled faster.


Introducing ETA:

With Cisco’s ETA, the “normal” patterns and behaviors have determined as a Grid Map. When there is discrepancies from the thumbprint, they are compared to the Threat Map. With a 99.9% efficacy rate, there is a very small percentage of exchanges that are missed.



Watch this webinar on demand to learn more about Cisco’s Encrypted Traffic Analytics and be sure to tune in to part two of this series coming August 2019. Sign up for any of Fast Lane’s webinars by heading to our Webinar Center!


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