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Role-Based Training & Why We Love It So Much

Posted by Fast Lane on Sep 22, 2020 3:14:00 PM

Hey there everyone. Mike Walsh, Director of Product Management, Fast Lane US back with some information on the perks of Role-Based training. I’ve been in the technical training business for almost 20 years now, and it’s been a heck of an adventure.  Before that I was a technical professional for over 10 years working on hardware and software and along the way I took a lot of training – much like many of you!

As I think back on my IT-related career, the one thing that stands out to me is how many more products and tools we have available, and how much more “powerful” they are.  But, it definitely has come at a cost - it’s a lot to learn and keep up with.  Just as you figure out a tool or a program, it’s updated or replaced.  And of course, there’s that huge step too of trying to relate that tool or program back to YOUR job, YOUR environment.  It’s a lot.

For years, training was based on the product, the tool or program that you purchased.  And a lot of times the training was really just running your through all the functions and features of that product – whether you needed all of them or not!  Rarely did the training go deeply into how you’d use that product specifically in your job role, and as a result training was both inefficient and in a lot of ways ineffective.

In recent years, the product companies and training industry has really embraced the idea of role-based training instead of product-based training.  Are you an architect?  Well, your use of that product is probably very different from an administrator who has to support and troubleshoot that product on a daily basis. As well, how often is it just one product being used?  How often are you using specific capabilities of multiple products together to support your users and business?  I’d say pretty often!

The beauty of role-based training is that instead of being trained up deeply on every product you use, you only train up on the functions that you use and in the context you use the product.  What does this mean for you?  It means you get trained quicker and better, and return to your work much better prepared to do your job!

Fast Lane has a large portfolio of role-based training, as well as the ability to further enhance training to be specific to your company in private training delivery.  Reach out to your Fast Lane sales representative to learn more today!

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