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Security- Am I protected enough?

Posted by Fast Lane on Oct 5, 2020 9:57:00 AM

Hi everyone, welcome back! My name is Michalina DeBoard and I am a Product Manager at Fast Lane focusing on Cisco, NetApp, Palo Alto and more! I entered the IT training world over seven years ago and can't believe how much it has changed over time! 

I’ve been working from home full-time since March 2020 and like many people in my situation I’m having to manage my devices, make sure I have enough bandwidth to keep me operational and ensure I’m protected from internet scams and emails. Managing security on my phone is easy; all I do is make sure I don’t answer any calls from unfamiliar numbers and I don’t download unnecessary applications. However, managing my home IT infrastructure is another story. Thinking about my home IT structure got me thinking about what the rest of the country doing to ensure their IT infrastructure within their companies is being protected. This article will cover the steps we here at Fast Lane US take to ensure our training can get you ready to shore up your IT security.


At Fast Lane US we have a variety of security trainings that would benefit organizations on a multitude of levels. We have security courses that specifically deal with internet/network security, data center infrastructure security, laptop/device security, VPN (Virtual Private Network) security and more!  And not only do we offer a variety of security training to meet our customer’s needs, but we also have technical subject matter experts that can help organizations implement and begin immediately utilizing their newly acquired security software or security hardware device.


Let’s face it: in this time of Covid-19, when we’re having to entertain working in new ways (which could mean working from home full-time) our employers are going to have to make sure we have the ability to access our companies mainframes and cloud information in order to do our jobs. What have they done to ensure that the company VPN can be securely accessed without the threat of malware? What kind of internet security is there with respect to my own IT infrastructure to ensure that the internet can be safely accessed from a personal device without infecting it with malware? These are all excellent questions and thoughts that have been discussed around the IT community since late February/early March 2020.  The good news is that organizations are finding better and more reliable ways to protect their IT infrastructure and their employee’s devices. Fast Lane US can be part of that process to help you and your organization stay protected.


Reach out to one of our internal sales representatives to discuss if you’re protected enough or if you need additional security.  We can help guide you through a solution that will fit you and your organization’s IT security needs.

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