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In case you missed it, this free Fast Lane webinar was presented on May 14, 2019 by Armik Kocharians. Encryption is an...

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As you have probably heard by now, Cisco is changing up their certifications and will go live on February 24, 2020. And I’d...

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Today’s world is all about increasing automation, visibility and efficiency while maintaining tip-top security. Luckily,...

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Our Subject Matter Expert, Armik Kocharians, recently presented a free four-hour learning session where he discussed some of...

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As a Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialized Partner, you use new and existing technologies to determine the best...

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By Fast Lane On December 13, 2017

DNA Training

It’s one thing to talk about Digital Transformation.  And it’s another thing altogether to actually build an adaptive network...

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By Fast Lane On October 12, 2017

CCNA Cyber Ops Certification

As we advance towards the end of a year full of cyber security crises, it’s understandable that companies are trying to...

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Digital Transformation strikes again! The buzzword has most recently infiltrated Cisco’s “Business Value” line of courses. In...

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In today’s fast-paced global economy, online collaboration has soared to new heights, and it will only keep advancing with the...

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