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By 2025, the innovation economy is expected to create an additional 149 million new jobs according to new research from the...

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Why are blockchains increasingly becoming part of how we make purchases? Most people have heard of Bitcoin at this point and...

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By David Santana On April 16, 2021

AI-Powered Speech

Naturalizing and contextualizing a person’s communications with bots, or other intelligent voice response services has always...

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Before reading the rest of this article, keep in mind that you might have a different understanding of the terms and...

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Measuring software delivery performance is crucial, especially when trying to improve various DevOps tenets like improving...

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One or more web applications must be deployed on AWS or Azure and the objective is to use the serverless solutions of...

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Hey there everyone. Mike Walsh, Director of Product Management, Fast Lane US back with some information on the perks of...

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Deploy an AKS cluster using Azure CLI

Four Steps to Deploy an AKS cluster

Step 1: Create a resource group

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The purpose of the change feed is to provide transaction logs of all changes that occur to the blobs and their metadata in...

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