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The purpose of the change feed is to provide transaction logs of all changes that occur to the blobs and their metadata in your...

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July 13, 2020 — Fast Lane today announced it has been named a finalist of Learning 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. The...

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Mike Walsh, Director of Product Line Management, here at Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services here. I’ve been in the...

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Has your organization begun migrating to the ‘cloud’? If not, it’s almost certain that at some point soon, it will. The cost...

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Hi all, Lee Phillips here! I serve as the Marketing Manager for Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services. If there are two...

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It’s 2019. We can safely say that skills gaps are not going away – the gap just moves.

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How do you validate your skills or even stay up to speed in the fast-paced world of IT? Microsoft has made this simple with their...

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In our four hour Microsoft Azure Immersion Workshop with Microsoft expert, Julio Cruz, we dove deep into Microsoft Azure. The...

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Moving to the cloud… everyone is evaluating it, doing it, talking about it.

How are systems administrators migrating on premises...

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