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The Challenge and Opportunity of the Always-Updating Nature of Cloud Platforms

Posted by Fast Lane on Sep 8, 2020 3:12:00 PM

Hey guys, it's Mike Walsh - Director of Product Management, Fast Lane US back with some information regarding the ever-evolving cloud industry. 

In the past few years, Fast Lane has seen our training really take off in the Cloud area.  I won’t repeat all the amazing things about cloud because you all know them, live them and well, it’s been talked about to death.  Cloud is a great thing in so many ways, but one of the greatest opportunities is also the greatest challenge: continual updating.

I have 30 years of professional experience in IT-related fields and before that years in my youth building and rebuilding computers and writing my fair share of code.  Along the way, there was a lot of hardware and software installation, and you know, it never went smooth.  You’d spend hours/days/weeks troubleshooting things, and working out fixes or workarounds.  But, at some point you could declare it “done”, at least until the next hardware you bought or software you installed.  And then the whole thing started again.

But, those weeks/months of stability.  Those were great.  You could actually get things done.  Now, was there a bad side?  Well sure.  If there was a bug in software, or a missing feature, forget about it until the next release.  And back in the day, that could be a couple years.  Even today it’s not like we go updating hardware and software super often for cost, time and stability reasons.

But the cloud, it changes everything.  You finish up your work day, come in the next morning, and things are moved around in the GUI.  Or an option has been added or removed.  This is the nature of cloud - continuous evolution and improvement.  But it sure keeps you on your toes.

We recognized this early at Fast Lane and put additional emphasis on teaching our students how to deal with this continuous change and updating.  Our labs are run on real cloud instances, and you may find the same thing – you leave class Tuesday night, and by Wednesday morning it’s changed. And that’s OK. Because we don’t just teach you the commands and the steps, we teach you why you do something, and the principles of how you do something.  Workarounds when needed.  And we arm you with the knowledge you need to adjust to updates, including using additions and enhancements to help your business work better.

At Fast Lane we are passionate about the cloud, and love training others on it.  If you’ve taken cloud training with us, you’ve seen our approach in action – we thank you for your business and look forward to seeing you again.  And if you haven’t taken cloud training with us, we hope you’ll reach out to your Fast Lane sales representative and book your next training with us. Learn more about cloud training today!

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