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Time to Try An Instructor-Led Online Class

Posted by Debbie & Stephen Sellars on Mar 23, 2020 3:00:00 PM

Instructor Led Virtual Training has just become the best way for individuals and corporations to expand their NetApp knowledge and skill sets.

Hi there. My name is Debbie Sellars and my husband is Stephen Sellars. We are both Instructors with a focus on NetApp. In both 2018 and 2019, I was the Number 1 Rated "NetApp Instructor of the Year". I went to work in IT straight out of high school when I was only 17 years old and have continued working in IT since then. Early in my career, I taught Unix, held pre-sales and post-sales positions and spent the rest of my career consulting and training in the database, virtualization and storage industries.

As a result of the world's quarantine protocol’s we believe that Fast Lane’s Instructor-Led Online (ILO) course are more pivotal now than ever. The following are just some of the need to maintain our social distances these benefits of instructor led virtual classes have never looked better:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Budget Friendliness
  3. Live Classrooms, Live Instructors
  4. Schedule Flexibility
  5. Individual Flexibility 
  6. No Travel
  7. Social Distancing

Because of the need for social distancing, Stephen and I think there has never been a better time to take instructor led virtual classes.

Flexibility – Traditional training consists of one or more days of classroom learning but virtual training can be accessed from nearly anywhere. With virtual training, there is no need to coordinate time or travel for the participants.  With enough advanced notice a corporation can request customized content for their particular needs. A corporation can set up virtual training for any time zone and have team members from multiple time zones work together online to achieve corporate training goals. Virtual classes can be set up for any subject and customized. 

Budget Friendliness – You can save money from travel expenses including accommodation costs for students for hotels and food, rental car expenses and loss time travelling and the cost and time in coordination of the training.

Live Classrooms, Live Instructors  - With an instructor-led methodology, instructors work in real time providing the same valuable benefits as the traditional classrooms but still maintaining social distances. Expert instructors are there to answer questions, provide direction and keep students on the right track. Virtual training labs are available and combine the convenience and ease of online classes with the power and flexibility provided by Fast Lane Lab technologies. Students can access NetApp technologies from their remote computers via their desktop/laptop and have both Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) access. Today’s virtual Fast Lane labs are a powerful cost effective and flexible way to allow students to learn and master the NetApp skills they need.

Schedule Flexibility – Stephen and I have taught classes for almost every time zone in the world over the last 10 years. So no matter what part of the world your employees live, we can work with them directly online.

Individual Flexibility - Instead of having an entire team attend a class, individuals can schedule their classes while the rest of staff can continue to support your organization and individuals can pick their own combination of classes based on their learning requirements.

No Travel and Social Distancing – Because of the current situation with the COVID virus we all want to avoid any travel and virtual instructor-led classes allow us to that.

Fast Lane recognized the value of instructor led virtual classes ten years ago which means that both Stephen and I have been fine tuning our virtual instruction skills over the last ten years.

Our virtual ILO courses are still a place where we engage students, encourage participation from the entire class and expand on the thoughts and ideas raised by our students. These interactions can and do still happen in our virtual classrooms. 

Instructor-to-student interactions, along with student-to-instructor and student-to-student interactions, are all part of the learning experience that we have developed in our virtual classes. Stephen and I both understand spontaneous and random interactions via questions or stated opinions are necessary in presenting a full scope of the subject being taught.  In our virtual courses raising questions and listening to other students' opinions still takes place. 

Stephen and I are inviting you to join us in a Instructor-Led Online such as: ONTAP Administration, Data Protection, VMware NetApp Classes, SAN Implementation Workshop, SnapCenter, NFS Administration, SMB Administration, Performance and Analysis.

For a complete listing of Fast Lane Virtual classes, please see www.fastlaneus.com and try one of Fast Lane's online classes and see for yourself how effective Instructor-Led Online class can be.

Here are comments from some of our previously delivered Instructor-Led Online classes:Fast Lane - Debbie Sellars

" I thought attending the class remotely would be less effective. Stephen's engagement with the remote class attendee's proved me wrong. I would say that the effectiveness of remotely training is directly propositional to how engaging the instructor is."


"Stephen is a great instructor and doesn't bore you with this method of training."


"Instructor was pleasing to listen to. I didn't feel bored from listening to an online class."


"Stephen was great instructor and fun to listen too! Stephen is easily able to keep the class engaged, great work!"


"Wealth of knowledge from the instructor. Excellent resource and training style."


"I want thank Debbie for all the effort and enthusiasm she put into the class. It makes a big difference when the instructor really likes the topic and has a solid background in the subject. Many thanks."


"Debbie is an outstanding trainer with abundant knowledge and experiences. Her lecture is clear with detailed explanations. The ongoing comments and highlights on the slides helped to understand the info very well. I learn a lot in her class. Thanks Debbie."



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