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VMware vSphere 7 Delivers Essential Services for the Modern Hybrid Cloud

Posted by Fast Lane on May 4, 2020 1:34:00 PM

The recent release of VMware Sphere 7® represents the most significant enhancements to vSphere in over a decade.  vSphere 7, available through VMware Cloud Foundation, extends native support for Kubernetes.


What does this mean for your business?   vSphere 7 now powers the computing environment for modern applications and business critical applications.  Applications can now be deployed using any combination of virtual machines, containers, and Kubernetes.


What does it mean for your operations?   You can run containers and virtual machines on the same vSphere platform you use today, with just a simple software upgrade to vSphere 7.   New vSphere 7 release capabilities are focused on significantly improving developer and operator productivity, regardless of whether you are running containers.


Other critical capabilities offered with vSphere 7:


  • Simplified, Automated Lifecycle Management across Software and Hardware
  • Intrinsic Security and Control in a Policy-Driven Model
  • Application Acceleration across Virtual Machines
  • Streamlined Development with built-in Kubernetes APIs (via Tanzu Kubernetes Grid)
  • Centralized Control of Cloud infrastructure via API Access to All Core Services


NEW Training Courses Available to Master vSphere 7


Fast Lane, in partnership with VMware Education Services, is pleased to offer new training courses to help you understand and unleash vSphere 7 across your cloud and application management environments. 


Learn more about VMware courses here or find Fast Lane's full VMware portfolio here!

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